Get Sold on a Buyer's Agent

A Buyer's Agent can be a valuable asset when searching for a new home; and, in most cases, these services cost the buyer nothing. While the builder's on-site representative can only discuss the product he or she is selling, a buyer's agent can provide professional advice and unique perspectives about various builders and communities.

Most builders require that the agent be present the first time that a buyer visits a property if the builder is to pay the agent's sales commission meaning that buyers would need to initially visit all properties with their agent in tow. While this may cramp the style of some house-seekers, buyer's agents can actually help narrow and expedite a home search and give buyers a realistic outlook on what is available and what they can afford.

In some hotter markets, builders will refuse to work with a Buyer's Agent because the builders are not lacking for business and do not want to pay a commission if they can avoid it. As the market slows, however, buyer's agents can help house-hunters get a better deal on their home price.

Buyer's Agents are also knowledgeable when it comes to options, particularly ones that optimize the resale value of the home. Selecting a lot which is an issue in some purchases can be difficult, but an agent will be able to advise on the best choice.

Finally, Buyer's Agents also know how to protect the buyer against builder's liens and deficiencies, and ensure that the required warrants & permits are secured prior to occupancy.